Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Watch Your Fuckin' Step

1. Girl Is Gun, Lazy Sunday Crop Top / 2. Girl Is Gun, Watch Your Fuckin' Step Socks / 3. H&M, Platform Boots

Wow. Hi guys it's been awhile since I've been on here! Sorry about the short hiatus, Girl Is Gun has just been really busy!!! So I guess that's good thing :-) but don't worry! I'm back and super excited for what's coming! I can't wait until you guys see what we have in store of you. We just released our lookbook "Sundaze" which has that lay-around-all-day-in-bed-and-not-do-jack-shit type of feel. You know when you literally want to walk around your house in an oversized sweater, panties, and a cup of hot tea?! Yup. Go check it out it's awesome. It includes probably my FAVORITE item of the entire store. The most badass socks that say "Watch Your Fuckin' Step." You literally do not get anymore baddie than that. After stealing a pair, I knew I HAD to shoot with it. So I had a little fun in our studio. I hope you like!

1. Girl Is Gun, Dilly Daisy Top / 2. Girl Is Gun, Color Of The Wind Vest / 3. Girl Is Gun, Ring Around A Daisy Headband / 4. Girl Is Gun, Teacher's Pet Top / 5. Girl Is Gun, It Isn't Over Shorts

OH and before I forget....we also have a small little Halloween portion that I'm sorta kinda in! Hahaha I always had the struggle with finding a Halloween costume and I always waited until last minute. Always. Without fail. So I thought "Halloween in a Hurry" would actually be quite fitting. It's a shout out to all you other girls out there that are exactly the same! It's actually a lot easier than you think. Definitely go check it out now that we have FREE SHIPPING LADIEZ!! ♥