Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Next Girl

1. Girl Is Gun, Behind Bars Crop Top / 2. Girl Is Gun, Behind Bars Shorts / 3. Etsy, Leather Black Sun Choker / 4. ASOS, black platforms

So I haven't put a playlist up since my very first post...which is actually extremely sad to be I'm trying really hard to keep up with it. This amazing set totally bought out my inner baddie that I most definitely have not unleashed in awhile. Those bright pink bars and the off the shoulder sleeves that really enhances your collar bones brings the entire set together (collar bones are everything guys, I advise you to show them off whenever you can.) But this set is just such a YES. So much love for this outfit I can't even show it through this damn computer. Hahaha! But I tried to really let you guys get that feel by putting "Next Girl" by The Black Keys as the very first song. Which practically sums up this entire look. When you know you're THAT girl. That next girl that got your man on a string ;)


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