Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Girl Next Door

1. Girl Is Gun, Sally White Bustier / 2. Forever 21, pink zipper shorts / 3. OG Leather Bracelet / 4. Zara, nude pink block heel

I love wearing a high ponytail just because it makes me want to bounce around and make my hair flip around everywhere. Although my shoes are a little beaten up, I absolutely love Zara block heels! They are so comfortable and I feel like a whole different person when I wear them. They're barely that high so you can literally wear them anywhere. My bustier is one of the most feminine things in my closet and it adds that girly aspect you want to a lot of outfits. I tied it in with my high-waisted pale pink shorts and walked around feeling like I was the girl next door ♥


  1. Your white on white look is simply perfect! I love the white lace bustier and those white shorts are really cute!

  2. Hi!

    You appear on my blog, looking great, btw. Check it out!

    Have a nice day.