Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Certain Romance

1. Girl Is Gun, Lost In Dust Romper / 2. Thrifted, lace kimono button up / 3. H&M, ankle boots

Hi guys I hope you all had a great weekend! :-) even though this heat is as hot as the devil's SOUL....I'm still lovin it here in SoCal. And although I can't wait for the fall, there's always ways you can lean more towards the autumn season while still dressing appropriately to this 100+ degree shit weather. I paired my really low-cut romper with a cute pair of booties and casually went out that way. Not much more thought into the outfit. Honestly, I just wanted to give off that casual "I'm not trying too hard, but look at me" feel. The tones of the entire look I was going for really pushed me towards the romantic mood. So yes, minimal jewelry and a nice lace cover up, and that is all.

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