Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Girl Next Door

1. Girl Is Gun, Sally White Bustier / 2. Forever 21, pink zipper shorts / 3. OG Leather Bracelet / 4. Zara, nude pink block heel

I love wearing a high ponytail just because it makes me want to bounce around and make my hair flip around everywhere. Although my shoes are a little beaten up, I absolutely love Zara block heels! They are so comfortable and I feel like a whole different person when I wear them. They're barely that high so you can literally wear them anywhere. My bustier is one of the most feminine things in my closet and it adds that girly aspect you want to a lot of outfits. I tied it in with my high-waisted pale pink shorts and walked around feeling like I was the girl next door ♥

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Certain Romance

1. Girl Is Gun, Lost In Dust Romper / 2. Thrifted, lace kimono button up / 3. H&M, ankle boots

Hi guys I hope you all had a great weekend! :-) even though this heat is as hot as the devil's SOUL....I'm still lovin it here in SoCal. And although I can't wait for the fall, there's always ways you can lean more towards the autumn season while still dressing appropriately to this 100+ degree shit weather. I paired my really low-cut romper with a cute pair of booties and casually went out that way. Not much more thought into the outfit. Honestly, I just wanted to give off that casual "I'm not trying too hard, but look at me" feel. The tones of the entire look I was going for really pushed me towards the romantic mood. So yes, minimal jewelry and a nice lace cover up, and that is all.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Step on Steps

1. Thrifted, printed crop top / 2. Girl Is Gun, Shake It Away Shorts / 3. Girl Is Gun, Break Free Wedges / 4. Cotton On, Floppy Felt Hat

THESE ARE MY FAVORITE SHORTS OF ALL TIME. Like I don't think you understand. I wear them everywhere. Festivals, out to eat, partying, etc!!! It's the best basic with a fringe twist. I'm probably going to go to the Yost club today in Santa Ana and I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to be rockin these babies. I decided to wear my thrifted crop top (which I got super lucky with...I don't even know dude...I must have done something right.) The detail is beyond perfect and I thought it matched perfectly with my hat. I haven't gotten much into hat accessories until recently, and honestly...I don't know what the hell I was doing with my life before because hats ARE life!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Next Girl

1. Girl Is Gun, Behind Bars Crop Top / 2. Girl Is Gun, Behind Bars Shorts / 3. Etsy, Leather Black Sun Choker / 4. ASOS, black platforms

So I haven't put a playlist up since my very first post...which is actually extremely sad to be I'm trying really hard to keep up with it. This amazing set totally bought out my inner baddie that I most definitely have not unleashed in awhile. Those bright pink bars and the off the shoulder sleeves that really enhances your collar bones brings the entire set together (collar bones are everything guys, I advise you to show them off whenever you can.) But this set is just such a YES. So much love for this outfit I can't even show it through this damn computer. Hahaha! But I tried to really let you guys get that feel by putting "Next Girl" by The Black Keys as the very first song. Which practically sums up this entire look. When you know you're THAT girl. That next girl that got your man on a string ;)


Saturday, September 6, 2014


1. Girl Is Gun, Long Way Home Kimono / 2. Urban Outfitters, strapless crop top / 3. H&M, pink scalloped shorts / 3. Zooshoo, white breckelle's platform / 4. Girl Is Gun, ivory backpack

I'm a huge sucker for comfortable flowy things with pale colors if you haven't noticed yet. Hence, the reason why I wanted to feature this outfit! I decided that this was the perfect outfit to wear to school when you're honestly just not in the mood to dress up. Simple, sweet, and cozy. Just hand me a cup of coffee and I'm ready to go! (Kind of not really because I hate school)