Friday, August 22, 2014

Rise to the Sun

1. Girl Is Gun, Amanda Crochet Black Crop Top / 2. Thrifted, Red leather skirt / 3. Girl Is Gun, Caps Off To You Crossbody Black Bag / 4. Girl Is Gun, In The Corner Lace Up Heel

Lately I've been waking up extremely early...aka before nine...which is actually really surprising because I'm usually like Snorlax and sleep til like the mid-afternoon. So thanks to my new schedule, I finally took the time out to go on another shoot and it was a fucking MISSION. Being my smart self, I went to a hiking location....but did not bring hiking shoes. Therefore, I was walking around in high heels. Worst idea ever. But nonetheless, I got some awesome shots! I absolutely loved the way the black crochet top came out in these pictures! It's a very summery top added into a borderline fall outfit. The leather along with my cut out lace up heels really went hand in hand with the studs on my bag. A great look for the arid heat. I guess waking up early isn't that bad when ya get some good shots and get to see the sun slowly come up!


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