Thursday, August 7, 2014

On The Run

1. Girl Is Gun, White Age Top / 2. Girl Is Gun, Last Time Shorts / 3. Girl Is Gun, Gold Bracelet / 4. Girl Is Gun, B&W Bag / 5. Girl Is Gun, Buckle Down Boot

Just knowing that school is right around the corner makes me want to run away from all my responsibilities...literally hop on a train and deuces!!!! But unfortunately life isn't that easy (aka the fence between me and the train hahaha) but it's all good! Cute clothes makes up for everything. This classic heather gray crop top is coming soon in our store, and it honestly has the softest material ever. Trust me, I'm really big on material and cutting, and this shirt has got that shit on point. The white collar really gives it that extra umf you're looking for ja feel?? Like yeee pop ya colla hahaha joking but it really does go good as a base for just about everything. Slipped on my favorite pair of classic high waisted shorts and THE BEST booties and there ya have it. A classic, comfy, first day of school outfit....if you even go that is ;-)

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