Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Flower Garden

1. Girl Is Gun / Peachy Keen Dress 2. Girl Is Gun / Immortal Heel

I have a HUGE fear of heights. Like an I-can-barely-go-on-Tower-of-Terror-at-Disneyland kind of fear. So during the entire time I was taking these shots, I kept getting that tingly feeling starting from my feet crawling all the way up every time I looked down (I hope you guys know what I'm talking about right or I'd feel really stupid) but I kept thinking that the bridge would just unlatch and I'd die....some final destination shit ja feel. But instead I tried to suck it up and enjoy this beautiful floral dress...which thankfully wasn't too hard since the dress itself is so feminine. The colors are so vibrant and the the cut out back and low v-neck just makes the dress ten times better.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rise to the Sun

1. Girl Is Gun, Amanda Crochet Black Crop Top / 2. Thrifted, Red leather skirt / 3. Girl Is Gun, Caps Off To You Crossbody Black Bag / 4. Girl Is Gun, In The Corner Lace Up Heel

Lately I've been waking up extremely early...aka before nine...which is actually really surprising because I'm usually like Snorlax and sleep til like the mid-afternoon. So thanks to my new schedule, I finally took the time out to go on another shoot and it was a fucking MISSION. Being my smart self, I went to a hiking location....but did not bring hiking shoes. Therefore, I was walking around in high heels. Worst idea ever. But nonetheless, I got some awesome shots! I absolutely loved the way the black crochet top came out in these pictures! It's a very summery top added into a borderline fall outfit. The leather along with my cut out lace up heels really went hand in hand with the studs on my bag. A great look for the arid heat. I guess waking up early isn't that bad when ya get some good shots and get to see the sun slowly come up!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black Water

1. Forever 21, Black Lace Bustier / 2. Girl Is Gun, Ruffle Me Up Shorts / 3. Girl Is Gun, Color Of The Wind Vest / 4. Girl Is Gun, Boss Heel

FUCK THE POLICE!! I'm totally kidding....(ok half kidding.) Hahaha but I definitely had a shit ton of fun with this shoot! I got a lot of strange looks but it was totally worth it. The structure of the city hall/police station was actually really beautiful, and I loved how the colors went right along with the black and white of my outfit. I would have to say the shorts are the winning item of this look. They can be dressed up or down, and are soooo incredibly comfortable. Perfect for me to act all crazy and shit in aka the last two pictures hahaha joking again ;-) But seriously...the lace in my bustier was honestly just calling for my vest...cause c'mon lace + fringe = perfection. The vest is coming EXTREMELY soon in our store (along with 45+ other items) so keep your eyes peeled!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

On The Run

1. Girl Is Gun, White Age Top / 2. Girl Is Gun, Last Time Shorts / 3. Girl Is Gun, Gold Bracelet / 4. Girl Is Gun, B&W Bag / 5. Girl Is Gun, Buckle Down Boot

Just knowing that school is right around the corner makes me want to run away from all my responsibilities...literally hop on a train and deuces!!!! But unfortunately life isn't that easy (aka the fence between me and the train hahaha) but it's all good! Cute clothes makes up for everything. This classic heather gray crop top is coming soon in our store, and it honestly has the softest material ever. Trust me, I'm really big on material and cutting, and this shirt has got that shit on point. The white collar really gives it that extra umf you're looking for ja feel?? Like yeee pop ya colla hahaha joking but it really does go good as a base for just about everything. Slipped on my favorite pair of classic high waisted shorts and THE BEST booties and there ya have it. A classic, comfy, first day of school outfit....if you even go that is ;-)